Places to visit


The town of Moraira

Moraira is an ancient town in the Spanish province of Valencia on the Mediterranean coast. The town is conveniently situated at a picturesque mountainous location on the shore of a small bay. You can reach it in an hour and a half from the airport in Alicante or Valencia.

The resort township is a short distance off major tourist routes, and that is why it is a measured and quiet life. It is well worth a visit for its typically Mediterranean landscape with picturesque mountains and hills, covered with vineyards and overgrown with Mediterranean pines. And, last but not least, for its beaches.

Moraira is a modern resort with all amenities, which has kept its unique identity and extraordinary elegance.


Theme parks for family recreation

A mere 30 minutes away from the villas, in the town of Benidorm, are various theme parks for children:

  • Mundomar park. Here you can watch a dolphin and sea lion show, parrots, turtles and tortoises.
  • Terra Natura park. In this nature park, you can meet animals from various corners of the world and learn a lot of new things about their habitats.
  • Aqualandia (next to the Mundomar park) and Aqua Natura (which shares the grounds with the Terra Natura park).
  • These parks have water attractions for children of all ages. The youngest will be the happiest in shallow pools and low slides. Older children can enjoy themselves by having a go at steeper and higher slides.

  • Terra Mítica is the most famous attraction park for children and adults.

Lady Elizabeth School Summer Camp

Lady Elizabeth School is an international secondary school in Spain, which is 15 minutes away from the villas. In the summer, the school runs an international camp for foreign students to study the English and Spanish languages. For many students, Lady Elizabeth School Summer Camp means an opportunity to study for admission to a regular secondary school. The language camp on the picturesque coast of Costa Blanca is an excellent parenting choice.



Apart from sea bathing and beach sunning, Moraira offers quite a few recreation options for outdoorsy people. You can play lawn tennis with a coach, rent a yacht and go sailing, enjoy a game of golf, feel the speed and adrenalin rush in karting.

Moraira, as nearly every other place in Spain, holds various festivals with costumed processions, bullfighting and fireworks.

Shopaholics won't be able to resist the wealth of goods on offer at the local market and in neighbouring townships. You are offered a wide choice of various articles of clothing, souvenirs, ceramics and, naturally, fresh vegetables and fruit at low prices.

Benidorm and Denia have hot nightclubs offering: great music, exciting parties and shows - everything for your holiday!


Wineries in the Alicante province

The province of Alicante currently has some 30 wineries. The largest of them not only make excellent wine but also offer interesting tours for the public. The wineries conduct sightseeing tours, which showcase the process of winemaking from vine-growing to wine retailing. It is followed by a tasting of wines and local delicatessen. A lunch or dinner can be arranged.



Moraira is famous for its food, its variety and quality, numerous restaurants with traditional cuisine, as well as posh restaurants with designer cuisine.

The resort's high-end eateries are known far beyond its precincts, and in autumn the township even holds special competitions, which attract the best chefs from all over Spain.


Madrid museums

You can reach Madrid from Alicante in 2.5 hours on a comfortable train.

Madrid is a global art capital. A small area in downtown Madrid known as Triángulo del Arte (the Golden Triangle of Art) is home to the best-known paintings from all over Europe - all within a few minutes by foot from one another.

This triangle hosts three best-known museums of arts: the Prado Museum, the Queen Sofia Centre of Art and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. These museums display works of art from the 13th to the 20th century.


Ibiza Island

It takes 2.5 hours to reach the island of Ibiza by ferry from the town of Denia.

The Spanish island of Ibiza sits in the Mediterranean Sea to the east of the Iberian Peninsula and is part of the Balearic Islands. The island is quite small: a little over 570 sq. km. The Ibiza port town was founded by Phoenician colonists in antiquity. It has well-preserved ramparts, put up in the 16th century for defence against Turkish pirates.

The town still has narrow paved streets, medieval mansions and castles. The crystal clear, warm waters around the island bring in diving enthusiasts.

Clubs are Ibiza's hallmark. Night life and club culture make the island a popular tourist destination.